Kite Locations

Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Information and Locations

Kiteboarding Seasons:

The winds of Tampa Bay are consistent throughout the months of September to May, with average wind speeds of around 15 – 25 knots. The winds are present throughout the summer months, however; the winds are light and the average kite size is 14M – 17M. During the summer months, there is an optimistic hope throughout the Tampa Bay Kiteboarding community that a tropical weather system will push through, creating high winds for several days and that may even exceed 30 knots. The water temperature varies with the seasons as well, ranging from 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. To stay comfortable in the “chilly” Florida winter weather, we recommend a 3/2 mm wetsuit.

Kiteboarding Launch Spots:

Thanks to Tampa Bay’s location on the Gulf of Mexico, there are many epic kiteboarding spots to experience; making the Tampa Bay area one of America’s greatest kiteboarding destinations. While kiteboarding in Tampa Bay, you’ll have a variety of launch spots to choose from. Whether you seek the wavy chop of the outer coast line or the smooth glass-like shallows, there is an epic kiteboarding spot waiting for you!

Skyway Bridge North/East

  • Wind Direction: NE to SSE
  • Shallow, Flat Water
  • Sharp shells randomly located (Booties are advised if unfamiliar with area). Ideal location for Foil Boarding outside of the flats.

Skyway Bridge North/West

  • Wind Direction: N to SSW
  • Shallow, Flat Water or North of launch- Deep water for foiling.
  • Sharp shells randomly located (Booties are advised if unfamiliar with area).

Skyway Bridge South

  • Wind Direction: N, NE
  • Shallow, Flat or Choppy Water

Fort Desoto East Beach

  • Wind Direction: NE, E, SE, S
  • Shallow, Flat Water

Fort Desoto North Beach

  • Wind Direction: SW to N
  • Aka: Bunce’s Pass
  • Areas of Shallow, flat water as well as areas with Deep, Choppy water (small waves)
  • Kiters are directed and required to launch only from the Northern-most point of the beach. The Park Rangers may cite you if you’re not in compliance.

Pass-a-grille Beach

  • Wind Direction: S-W-N
  • Deep, Choppy Water. Coast Line.

Upham Beach

  • Wind Direction: S, W
  • Deep, Choppy Water. Coast Line.

Ten Cent (Tierra Verde)

  • Wind Direction: E to S
  • Shallow, Flat but also available is the “go to” spot for foiling as there is a deep channel nearby, during any SE breeze.

Kiteboarding Culture:

Kiteboarding in Tampa Bay provides an experience many dream of. Not only does Tampa Bay offer clean unique launch spots paired with warm water and sunny days, it also hosts a melting-pot of riders. A mixture of locals and tourists helps to increase the kiteboarding experience, as the friendly riders you’ll encounter are all there for the same reason; their passion for kiteboarding. Being a part of a kiteboarding community is a major draw for many who embark on this kiteboarding lifestyle, a fact that the folks at Elite Watersports understand and value. Elite Watersports hosts a calendar full of events throughout the year that help to bring the community together. Whether it is a ‘kiteboarding for charity’ event, a foil racing regatta, or kiteboarding-focused yoga sessions, Elite Watersports strives to help build a strong, welcoming, and motivated kite community that locals are proud to be a part of and visitors look forward to returning to.