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We offer lessons 7 days a week!

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We get it, you may be nervous about trying a new “extreme” sport. However, with our expertise and professional instruction, you can rest assured that kiteboarding is for YOU!!

We take our job of teaching our students very seriously. It is our responsibility to ensure each student knows proper kite etiquette, for both on and off the water, the layout of our waterways, and of course how to properly operate all kite gear! Safety first and foremost, always. 



As a beginner, we will start your lesson with “ground school”. Your Elite Instructor will introduce you to your kite gear and the proper rigging techniques for a successful beach launch.

(What’s that, you ask? Don’t worry, you will learn all of the terms and lingo during your lesson!)

Once you and your Elite Instructor have completed the beach launch, you will jump on the Jet ski and head toward the perfect spot to begin your hands-on lesson behind the kite.



Each lesson is shaped specifically around the individual student’s needs. The time it takes each student to concur the first step of “confidently” maneuvering the kite will vary. This means lots of “body-dragging”…don’t worry, it’s fun!

Once you have a good grasp on the kite, your Elite Instructor will move the lesson forward and place you on a Twin Tip kite board.



Alright, by now you’re getting the hang of it! Now, all you’re working on is keeping the kite in the air and the board under your feet. 

Directional kiting will be the first hurdle you will aim to clear. Once you can successfully kite both Downwind AND Upwind you will progress into learning how to make a fluid transition in order to go back and forth across the water.

From here it is just practice, practice, practice! But, it’s one addicting sport, so you will be happy to be out on the water working on your form!

TRY A TRAINER KITE Buy from us and you can return it for full credit towards your first kiteboarding package.


Want more information? Check out our post ‘What Every Kiteboarding Student Should Know‘.

Hourly Rates:

We recommend at least 4 hours of beginner lessons, however; each lesson is custom-designed according to our student’s schedule, our Instructor’s availability, and of course the participation of the WIND! We are 7 days a WEEK

If you wish, add the jet-ski to your lesson to make your time on the water more efficient; don’t waste time walking back upwind, jump on the jet-ski with your instructor and zip back upwind. Cover more ground and get more ride-time; call today to book and ask about special pricing for the ski!

Package 1 (Package Includes)
  • 1 Kiter/ 1 Elite Instructor
  • All Gear Included
  • Private Instruction
Package 2 (Package Includes)
  • 1 Kiter/ 1 Elite Instructor
  • All Gear Included
  • Private Instruction
  • Jet Ski Support
Package 3 (Package Includes)
  • 2 Kiters/ 1 Elite Instructor
  • All Gear Included
  • Private Instruction
  • Jet Ski Support
Package 4 (Package Includes)
  • 2 Kiters/ 1 Elite Instructor
  • All Gear Included (x2)
  • Private Instruction
  • Jet Ski Support
  • One student must be sufficient with both kite and board 

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Lesson Location:

Elite Watersports’ roots are based in the surrounding waterways of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. We are fortunate in that there are miles of shallow and flat water all around us, making our home-spot a kiter’s paradise!

Most lessons take place at the North Skyway Rest Areas. Depending on the onshore breeze your lesson will take place on either the East side or the West side.

Directions to Your Kiteboarding Lesson


If you don’t want to book online please call or submit this form. We generally respond rather quickly.


CANCELLATION POLICY – When booking a kiteboarding lesson, or to reserve your SUP rental, credit card information will be taken as a security deposit. The card will not be charged until after the lesson, or not at all if you choose to pay cash. In the event that there is no wind, or unfavorable conditions and Elite Watersports cancels the booking, no fee will be charged. All other reservations must be cancelled 24 Hours in advance.  Any lesson or rental cancelled with less than 24-hour notice or any No-Call/No-show reservations will be charged in full, as our instructors have allocated their time, and missed an opportunity to teach another student.