Elite Watersports’ Propel Hydrofoil

After years of hydrofoiling and riding a plethora of different styles of foils Elite Watersports’ Lead, Aaron, decided to build his own. Keeping in mind the sessions he’s enjoyed the most and the style of riding he’s learned fits most riders, he developed the Propel Foil. 

The Propel Hydrofoil is the perfect foil for freestyle riding on a Stand Up Paddleboard, behind the kite, or pumping behind the boat. 

The PROPEL Hydrofoil

Created by the owner of Elite Watersports

Freestyle Riding ideal for a SUP board but small enough to use behind a kite. 

This is the foil Elite Watersports teaches 100% of our foil lessons on; Beginner level to Advanced level lessons. 

Front Wing and Rear Stabilizer Wing made with Highly Durable Pre-Preg Carbon and the remaining parts are made from Aluminum. 

Easy Clean-up and complete foil weighs only 8lbs. Has Positive Buoyancy, making it easier to get your board on while in the water (no sinking!). 

Mast Size Options: 51cm, 71cm, or 91cm (51cm is the most popular)