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You and kiteboarding lessons can be a reality. We get it, you may be nervous about trying a new “extreme” sport. However, with our expertise and professional instruction, you can rest assured that kiteboarding is for YOU!!

We take our job of teaching our students very seriously. We are not your ordinary kiteboarding operation. Students come to us from around the world because of our outstanding service and private teaching grounds. It is our responsibility to meet your expectations for both on and off the water lessons. Safety first and foremost, always while still focusing on making it fun! 

All our instructors follow a standard teaching format. All students will have a rider profile created to maximize progression. If you truly want to learn how to kitesurf you’ll pick the very best in the Tampa Bay Area.

Package 1 
“Taste Test”
  • 1 Kiter / 1 Elite Instructor
  • All Gear Included
  • Private Instruction
  • 2 hour quick lesson designed to safely let you experience kiteboarding
Package 2 
The Kiteboarding Lesson
Most Popular
  • 1-Kiter / 1 Elite Instructor
  • All Gear Included
  • Private Instruction
  • Jet Ski optional
  • Designed for students wanting to get into kiteboarding effectively and safely
Package 3
Group Lessons
  • 2-4 Kiters / 1 Elite Instructor
  • All Gear Included
  • Private Instruction
  • Jet Ski Support
  • Designed to bring the whole family or friends
Package 4
Buddy Lesson
  • 2 Kiters / 1 Elite Instructor
  • 2 sets of gear including 2x kites
  • Jet Ski Support
  • Students must have 4 hours minimal of prior lessons
  • Designed to maximize fun and budget

What to Expect:

Below is just an average estimate of your progression in hours. We have had kiteboarding students take anywhere from 3- 15+ hours of lessons before they graduate to being self sufficient. Some, even long after they can ride by themselves take more advanced kitesurfing lessons. We aim to make you an independent rider as soon as possible while being straight forward and honest on your progression.

Hour 1:

As a beginner, we will start your lesson with “kiteboarding ground school”. Your Elite Instructor will introduce you to your kite safety gear and the proper rigging techniques for a successful kitesurfing lesson. Theory is huge for your success so this will be covered to0.

Once you and your Elite Instructor have completed the beach launch, you will continue into the knee deep waters and find the perfect spot to begin flying your first real kite. Jumping on the Jet ski instead of walking is an option and will maximize your time behind the kite. 


Hours 2-4:

Each lesson is shaped specifically around the individual student’s needs. The time it takes each student to concur the first step of “confidently” maneuvering the kite will vary. We are looking to first teach you how to walk while flying, relaunch your kite after crashing it and fly it through the wind window as if you were riding on a board. Remember you must first become the driver before the rider and with the new safety system the kite can be released from you with only a push of a button. 


Hours 4-6:

Alright, by now you’re getting the hang of it!

Once you have a good “grasp” on the kite, your Elite Instructor will now teach you with the board. Water-starts is the name of the game. Flying the kite in the direction of travel so that it lifts you up on the board takes practice. Lots of starts and stops will be the key to success. Once you can successfully kite both directions you will progress into learning how to make a fluid  effortless transitions.

Our aim is to teach you to be self sufficient and feel comfortable to venture out on your own.



All you have to do is fill this out or call and we will take care of the rest. 




Hourly Rates

Pricing is based on an hourly rate and structured to suite all needs. Each lesson is custom-designed so we leave those details to only a call or email away. We operate 7 days a WEEK. We start kitesurfing lessons as early as 7am or 2 hours before sunset so to accommodate your work schedules.

Jet Ski?

If you wish, add the jet-ski to your lesson to make your time on the water more efficient. With kiteboarding lessons a lot of ground is covered because the kite is always pulling us down wind. So we give you the option to add a jet ski to your lesson to shuttle you back upwind. Many students learn without jet ski support and we don’t suggest the need for one during your first hours but it does make life easier. It is our highest recommendation that you take advantage of this option in the later stages of your progression. And hey who doesn’t like riding on a ski-doo!

Add the GO PRO

Don’t forget to capture your experience during your Elite Watersports Kiteboarding Lesson. We offer all students the option to add a GO PRO to their lesson for $35. Our Elite Instructor will record all the funny, exciting, and educational moments throughout your lesson. Once the lesson is over, you keep the SD card and get to take all the footage home for your own use. 

*Elite Watersports does not edit the footage on SD card unless requested. We would be happy to create a video for you, however, an additional fee will be required for edited videos. 


Lesson Location

 We are fortunate in that there are miles of shallow and flat water all around us, making our home-spot a kiter’s paradise and highly conducive to learning

We have two shops in Pinellas county and several training locations where your kiteboarding lessons can take place. If you’re in the Tampa, St. Petersburg or Sarasota areas, the North Skyway Rest Areas will be your go-to lesson location.  If you’re located in Largo, Tampa, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs area, your go-to kiteboarding lesson location will be at Sunset Beach Park. You can decide which spot works better for you and we will happily make it happen!