Wake Boarding Lessons

Have you wakeboarded yet?

We have all the latest gear made for teaching you how to wakeboard. This one hour lesson will be more than enough time for you to learn to stand and ride. Wakeboarding is an essential skill that is key to having when learning to kiteboard.

Lesson Details

An introductory lesson is designed to help those new to the sport. During your lesson, the main objective is to teach board skills while learning the basics of wakeboarding. You will be taught, by an experienced Elite Instructor, the proper way to stand up on the board, the correct stance to have while riding, the technique for handling the ski rope, and directional wake skills and maneuvers.

Our wakeboarding lessons are simply to assist you into becoming a better, more confident rider, whether that is as a wakeboarder or a kiteboarder.

*Further Details available upon request. Call for more Information.

Introductory Wakeboarding Lesson

Private Lesson (per person)
  • Price: $95.00
  • Location: North Skyway
  • Length of Lesson: 1 hour
  • Lesson Includes: Private Instruction behind the Jet Ski & Equipment

All lessons are pre-booked. Call to schedule your lesson today!